Call of Duty 3: Special Edition (Used)

$ 17.99 USD

*This is the greatest hits version of the game. It is a special edition with a bonus disc that includes a "making of" documentary and interviews with veterans from the Normandy campaign.

Product Features

  • Call of Duty 3 brings the battle to life with advanced graphics, a new physics engine, a procedural environment and detailed ensemble animations
  • All-new close-quarters battle mechanics allow players to fight hand-to-hand, improvise explosive devices, disarm traps and face a host of other battlefield situations
  • Next-generation level design provides branching mission paths, letting you decide how to confront enemies - flank an opponent, hit him head-on, or choose special tactics like sniping and demolition
  • Environmental physics allow players to destroy enemy hideouts, forcing foes out in the open -- just remember, your enemies can do the same to you
  • Team-based Multiplayer with vehicles for team-based combat with up to 24 players battling it out online
List Price: $29.99
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