About Us

     Here at VGE we strive to give you news and articles while selling to you some of the cheapest prices available. We value your input with your comments and e-mails and are working to give you a fan fare section and adding more to the members section every day! VGE is also into trying to give the consumer, you, cheaper prices, easy shipping and less hassle than many others we compete with. The prices you see and pay include everything that you could possibly be charged for.

Staff/Contact Us

Webmaster/CEO: G. W. Wampler a.k.a. "DarkLinkofUtopia" - geewamp00@yahoo.com

General Website Email: vgeutopia@ymail.com (or go to the contact us page)

Positions Available

     Mailbag reader/writer, review writers, preview writers, price watchers/reporters, article writers, poll creaters, editors (content and grammar) and even contributors. Click here to join...


     You may donate to us if you like by clicking the "Donate" button, but if you really want to donate, we suggest buying an item from the VGE Utopia Gear store. This way you get something at the same time as giving us something. You may not be giving us as much, but you show your support in far more ways. The items we sell range from $1.74 on up.

Our Policies

Shipping: All shipping costs are included in the item price listed. The speed of shipping is always standard shipping (5 to 10 days)unless otherwise noted or displayed for upgrading. Upgrading your shipping speed (if possible) will be an added cost listed as well. Customized computers (I.E. Computers Your Way) take longer to receive due to the added time of building (not normal, already built computers). These computers take an additional 3 to 5 days on top of the 5 to 10 standard shipping speed. All shipped items also take 6 to 12 hours processing using PayPal and 1 to 2 days for credit cards.

Returns/refunds: You have 30 days to return any defective product that is not your fault. Warranty claims should be made after that. All warranty claims need to be dealt with the manufacturer or warranty company. We will try (within the first 30 days) to replace you're product with the same product. If that product is sold out, your money will be refunded. All shipping costs are paid for as well.

Member discounts: In order to receive your discounted prices, an e-mail absolutely MUST be sent to the CEO or main website e-mail before hand. In this e-mail, everything being bought needs to be listed. After a few minutes, you will be able to go back to the members section and buy the items listed. This is a security measure and will eventually be solidified and changed. Also, do not give your password out for one, you paid for it and two, it can be figured out and you will lose your membership as well as any future membership opportunities.

Advertising, Linking and Affiliating

If you would like to advertise with us, link with us or affiliate with us, just send us an e-mail and we will work something out.

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Other Marketing Services

Graphic design: Need a graphic designed for your web page or other need? How about banners or thumbnails? Contact us and we can help you out. Services are very cheap and quick!

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