Nintendo DSi Memory Bundle

$ 179.99 USD

Great for downloading all of those new DSiWare apps and games.
As always, all taxes and shipping included!
DSi ships April 5th. All items ship with 5-7 day shipping!

Bundle Includes:
  • Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming Console - List Price: $169.99
    • Color: Matte Black
    • 2 Cameras
    • DSi Store for downloads
    • Bigger Screens
    • More Secure Wireless Connections
    • Access Musice From SD Cards
    • Internal Storage (256MB)
    • DSi Specific Software (To Be Released Later)
  • SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card (Bulk Packaging) - List Price: $24.99
    • 2GB of storage great for music, games and more!
Total List Price: $194.98 + tax and shipping
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