Optical Digital Audio Cable (TOSLINK) - 6 feet

$ 10.99 USD

*You only need this cable for sound when using an HDMI cable if your receiver does not pass-through your audio from your HDMI cable.

Technical Details:
  • Audio connection for Blu-ray, DVD, CD Player or Mini Disc recorder to A/V Receiver
  • Highest quality optical performance
  • Fiber optic connector provides superior digital sound reproduction
  • Compatible with Digital Dolby and AC-3
  • Toslink to Toslink fiber optic digital audio cable
Only less than $1.84 per foot!

Why pay $50+ for an optical cable? A digital signal doesn't need the same expensive features of an analog one. Digital signals are just 1's and 0's that need to go from point A to point B. Trust us! Works great for your PS3 too!

Need an HDMI cable to go along with your optical cable? We have 10 feet and 15 feet cables at very good prices!

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