Friday, March 13th, 2009

Calling Resident Evil 5 Racist, Is Ironic and Racist In Itself Okay, so I'm sure you have heard so much (and too much) of the racism jargon about Resident Evil 5 since the day the first screen shots were released. Heck you here it more and more as each passing day. Since today is the game's release date, we will take a look at some reasons of just why saying Resident Evil 5 is racist, is just stupid, ironic and racist in itself.

   So it's Friday the 13th. Release day of Resident Evil 5 and you STILL hear it's a racist game. Why is it racist? Because BLACK zombies are being killed, blown-up and destroyed? at that picture for a second. What is it you notice first? That it's a black zombie, or that it's something about to f*cking kill you? Most people would say the it's something about to kill you, but lately I have noticed a good majority of the "racism crowd" would say the latter. Um...stop me if I am wrong, but isn't that the mark of someone who is racist themselves? When you have someone in the "head" doctor's office looking at ink blots and all they see is stuff they are in love with or have on their mind, they are usually called "crazy" or just disturbed by whatever they are thinking. You, my friends, are racists yourselves. Let's run down a few questions I would like to ask you, shall we?

  1. Why was it okay for all of the other Resident Evil games to be a white guy/girl killing white zombies? Although, to add more to the question, you do realize there were occasional African American zombies too, right?
  2. Why was it okay for Resident Evil 4 to be a white guy killing European zombies? I believe they were in Spain?
  3. Why stop at the racism card and include cruelty to animals as well? Dogs, chimps, and more! Heck, even cruelty to plants, wildlife and insects!
  4. Why, oh, why are you mad now that you FINALLY have Africa as the country the game is based in. The game may be filled with black zombies, but at least the white man is outnumbered!
  5. You do realize that Sheva is black and the sidekick to Chris Redfield (the white, main character), right? I only let you know who he is because I am sure the majority of the "racism crowd" doesn't play Resident Evil OR video games for that matter.
  6. I guess, for you, the game would be better with a black guy killing black zombies, but what did you want Capcom to do? He can't just be changed into a black character. That wouldn't make sense. Would you rather them of had a black character that was someone else? Well, sorry. Capcom has a story that THEY want to tell.
  7. You know Capcom is a Japanese company right? It's okay for Asians to make games about Americans going crazy for a virus, starting a break-out and killing other American zombies but not for Resident Evil 5 t have black zombies killed by a white guy? Right.
   Just to fill in a couple gaps. I am white. Probably one of the least racist white guys around. I have been to MANY countries with the Marine Corps, but I have NEVER met anyone more racist that the people calling other "racists" out in America. The United States has finally elected a minority for president. Get over yourselves. I am sorry for what pain the white man has caused other races, but it's over. Blacks started slavery with their own before anyone else. It's proven in history. Everybody just be calm and take the game for what it is. A zombie game based in Africa.

Have fun playing RE5, everybody... I get mine here for the PS3 shortly.

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