Your Three Selling Options


Sell us your item(s) directly for the prices listed below. You fill out the form below, send us the item (you pay for shipping) and we will pay you by PayPal or check. We will pay all PayPal fees if that is the payment of preference.


List your item(s) in our store for whatever price you wish. Each listing costs $1.00 and stays posted until it is sold or you tell us to take it down. We make contact with you weekly for any price or status changes.


Pay $4.99 a month for your own page using our domain ( page). You can sell/do whatever you wish with the page. We create and maintain the page to your liking.


  1. First, decide what you are selling and what category it fits into: Books, Computers, Electronics, Movies, Music or Video Games.
  2. Next, decide which selling option you prefer. If you choose direct, check below for prices we offer. If we don't have a price for your particular item, you can let us know in the form and see if we would consider buying it and for what price, but usually it's best to pick a different selling option from either list or create.
  3. Then, fill out the form. Once we receive your submission, we will contact you with further questions, if any.
  4. Finally, if you chose list or create selling options, once you add the corresponding amount to your cart and pay (made below), we will have your post up or your page created within 24 hours. Create option monthly payments are due every 30 days. We will remind you two days in advance and any payments not received by the 35th day will result in termination of the page.

Check Prices
















Video Games



Resident Evil: Director's Cut [PS1] (used - with case and manual)
Resident Evil: Director's Cut [PS1] (used - missing case or manual)

Fill Out the Form

Need help deciding? Go back to the top of the page for rules and more.

Pick one of six broad categories.

Please tell us the full name of the item.

We only have two categories of used and new. If it is opened at all, it is considered used.

Anything missing?

Anything missing?

Anything missing?

What's missing?

Anything missing?

We will sell the item at whatever price you want, but remember, we list the MSRP price next to the product.

Direct selling an item on or off the list?

Let us know basic details.

Your e-mail address for contact from us.

Let us know your name for contact purposes.

This is for shipping and other purposes.

Need assistance with this form?

Make Your Payment

List Your Item

$ 1.00 USD

*This fee is per item (listing). Bundles are considered one listing if being sold together. See more above under "list" option.

Create a Page

$ 4.99/month USD

*This is a monthly fee which is subscribed and made automatically every month. We will remind you every 28th day just in case. If a payment cannot be made on the 30th day, we will give you until the 35th day to make up for the missed payment. Your page will be terminated if no payment is received by then. We create and maintain the page. See more above. Unsubscribe below.

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