Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Top 5 Game Consoles That Should Never Have Been Released
Long title. We know, but really. Ever think about it? These consoles definitely ate up the time of the industry, took the market a step back and anyone that actually spent money on these, could have had more fun flushing there money down a toilet just to see Washington and Abe swim. Come one people. What were you thinkin'???

By the way, before any hating starts, this list does not include handhelds. Only home CONSOLES!

#5. Microsoft Xbox 360

     Yea, yea, I know what you're thinking. "WOAH, How could you!?". Well, here's how I can. Be glad that it is only #5. I don't own one yet, but I may have to soon for a couple of games like Fable 2 and Gears of War. Here's the thing though. Microsoft hardware sucks! The 360 this generation has proved it. They rushed it out and now have problems like RROD and discs being scratched. Hey, it's not like the exclusives on the console never would have been released anyways, right? They would have still had a home on the PS3 or maybe even the Wii! At least Microsoft could have made it a 15% defect rate instead of 33%! Yea, yea. I know. They released the smaller Falcon CPU and even the smaller "Jasper" GPU, but come on! They had to wait until they could shrink the chipsets down before ANY fixes could arrive? Oh but they extended the warranty and spent billions fixing Xbox's you say? Well while you were waiting a 6th time on your Xbox to be fixed, I was staying up late playing my original Wii and PS3 consoles from launch with no gripes! Oh yeah, and then my Wii needed replaced...so sue me!

#4. Atari Jaguar

     Atari, Atari, Atari. Why didn't you stay away? You were good at this a long time ago, but for some reason thought you could challenge the big boys. Well, it seemed to work at first with this system, but later got completely demolished by the Playstation and even the Saturn. This system was ahead of it's time since it debuted towards the end of the SNES/Genesis era. Atari even pulled a Sega and released a CD Drive add-on called the Jaguar CD...which failed miserably. A lack of good games, especially at launch, along with hardware bugs kept this system down. Atari never went back to home consoles and even passed up a previous console for this one. They are better off Publishing/Developing games anyways. This console was an absolute waste of time. It only made a splash in the market for MAYBE a year...which is nothing in this league. Due to it's failure the Atari Jaguar 2 was cancelled.

#3. Nintendo Virtual Boy

     Before you start complaining already. The Virtual Boy is considered a hybrid in that it doesn't need a television and it is definitely not portable. So I will consider it suitable for this list. You don't like it? Too bad! Comment it and send me your version!
     The Virtual Boy was Nintendo's forey into a full 3D console. Even though, technically, it was stereoscopic 3D, but never-the-less, that's how it was marketed. This console was said to be rushed due to the N64 being on it's way. Supposedly, there was a lot more in store for this "virtual" system, but who knows. All I know is why release it at all? If it's not ready and something bigger and better with real 3D is on the way, why waste the time? I know, I know...because the money for reasearch and development was already spent, so might as wall make some of it back. Whatever. Failure!

#2. Sega Saturn

     This system here...well...what can I say. Some great games from Sega especially were released for it, but it just couldn't hold up. This system was really just holding back the inevitable; leading into yet another system holding back the inevitable even more...Sega's demise.

#1 Sega Dreamcast

     Here it is. The all important top spot on the list! Everybody can go ahead and say, but what about Shenmue 2? What about Virtua Fighter? What about them? They could have been released on your favorite system of this generation. Why waste two systems when they knew they would never get passed their troubles. Sega knew this say would come when the Dreamcast would die and they would be left selling software only. They were squandering for answers during th Saturn. Then they release a more advanced, online capable system before anybody else? Hell, they even tried connecting a portable to the console before Nintendo ever would! They would have been better off going for the cheapest console, instead though. Not to mention Sonic was drowning in his own urin about 3 systems ago!

How was the list? HATED it? Loved it? Leave your comments below. Send us hate mail. Whatever floats your boat. As long as you read it!

Article by: DarkLinkofUtopia  -  Copyright 2009

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