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Top 5 Game Remakes That Need to Happen
These games need to happen. No matter if the reason is for the fans, to help spark an old flame or to simply fix a game that could have been. No matter if you liked, disliked or absolutely hated any of these games. These games could become improved, as long as the right touches are put to them. Besides, we here at VGE, are almost certain at least one of these games will be getting a remake, sometime soon...

#5. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis to all 3 consoles)

     Yes. We know. There have been plenty of PORTS for the GameBoy and where ever else. The game can even be downloaded to the Wii (and your computer for that matter), but we want to see a true remake, dammit! Oh, and yes, we also realize just how SHITTY the games have been since, oh, well, you know, Sonic the Hedgehog went 3D. We have also heard the story of how the franchise's original creater wants to stay away from the series. We believe, however, that if the right person is put in charge and simply takes one of the few GOOD games into 3D, or maybe just 2.5D like a Super Smash Brothers game, and added some innovative improvements, then you could have yourself a GOOD 3D Sonic game that doesn't suck. Using an older game that had a high fan base could also help bring the days of Sonic vs. Mario back. Each console could also get it's own perks, like Xbox Live support, Wii waggle and PS3 Graphics. (Sue us. We believe each system has a different high point, and yes, the PS3 is it's Graphics.)

#4. Donkey Kong (Nintendo NES to Nintendo Wii)

     This game has also seen many ports and downloadable versions, as well as a number of sequels that many gamers may not even know about. There are also, soooo many spin-offs and side games like the Donkey Kong Country/Land series, Donkey Konga, Mario Kart (and his own racing games) and Mario and Donkey Kong games. Donkey Kong even ended up getting a sidekick and many other friends. Not to mention his heavy self got to be part of the Smash Brothers Games. Let's think of this game as a HUGE opportunity for Nintendo to bring back the original Donkey Kong and into 3D with waggle on the Wii. You shake the remote to climb up ladders and when not stand near a ladder you shake to jump. Very simple game design and controls like the old school game had. Except now it's it 3D with "updated" (albeit still simple, maybe even more-so) controls. Great way to bring the big guy back as a foe. There may be room for some kind of multiplayer online co-op as well. Worth a try. Not like Nintendo is having any problems with money now-a-days anyway.

#3. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Nintendo NES to Nintendo Wii)

     Yep. We completely understand if you hated this game the first time through. Wait a second. No we don't. Why did you hate it so much? Would you rather have seen the first Zelda on this list? Well trust me. We had a hard time choosing. Well, here's our reason. You could have yourself the very first game remade into 3D that was (and still is) considered one of the best, OR you could have the controversial sequel, that wasn't praised too much, made into a better game in 3D. Which would you choose? Make a good game even better (which would be harder), or a bad game (not in our opinion though) into a good game. We think gamers should have given the game better praise, or at least go back and play it now and see what you think of it today. I wasn't a HUGE fan of it at first, but now, over 20 years later, I love it. I actually BEAT it. It has a great story and fighting techniques. You just have to get good at it to be able to get far. Trust us...go play it. Get on your Wii (go buy a Wii if you don't own that either), and download it. You won't be disappointed.

#2. Resident Evil 2 (Sony Playstation to all 3 consoles)

     We know. All THREE consoles? Well consider it wishful thinking. Or is it? Let's see here. A few years back, Nintendo and Capcom had an agreement to remake Resident Evil, port Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as well as switch Resident Evil Zero from the N64 to the Gamecube leading to the relationship growing into a game known as Resident Evil 4 as a Wii-exclusive (for an amount of time anyway). Now, we all know that Resident Evil 5 is not coming out for the Wii, but maybe some time in the future it will. We think the relationship is still their between the two companies for a Resident Evil 2 remake for the Wii as well as the other two consoles. This way, you could have your Wii controls, like the Wii version of Resident Evil 4, as well as your superior graphics and online play on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

#1. Final Fantasy VII (Sony Playstation to Sony Playstation 3

     Well, what other game would have been number 1? The talk has been sprayin', the wishes have been crumblin' and the rumors have been flyin', so we arn't the only ones wanting this. Square-Enix has been saying that if the original team could get back together and other projects weren't in the pipeline, their MAY be a chance. I am kind of mad, however that SO many spin-offs and side games have been made. Square-Enix, if you want to milk the game for money, all you have to do is remake the game with some GREAT graphics (probably without adding anything), and the game would sell like lemonade to a man in the desert. Come on! Release it! New PS3's are coming out with FF7 designs and everything! But wait... would the game be released on JUST the Playstation 3? We are HOPING so, but it would probably be a multiplatform release. We hope Square-Enix has love for their fans and respect to the game that they ONLY release it to the PS3. Heck. We'd be happy if they released it at all!

Well. Thanks for reading fans. Hope you agree, but even if you don't we won't hate you...too much! Scroll down and leave your comments.

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