Welcome to the repair shop of video games and consoles.

Let us know in an e-mail what your problem is and we will let you know more!

Email us at geewamp00@yahoo.com  or  vgeutopia@ymail.com

Here's what to do after you have contacted us. You pay only to ship it to us. We will try and have it fixed within 5 days. We will then contact you and that is when you pay for the repair and shipping together. We ship it back to you in at least BETTER working order than what it was. If the console cannot be fixed, we will pay to have it shipped back to you. We also clean all games/consoles for free no matter if it can be fixed or not. We are not associated with the respected manufacturers of the games/consoles and thus any warranties that exist will be broken. You may pay by check, paypal account, or credit/debit cards.


  • Game/Console Cleaning
  • Xbox 360 RROD (Red Ring of Death)
  • Xbox 360 Disc Scratching Problem
  • Game Cartridge Repair
  • Other Problem


  • Free + Shipping
  • $40.00 + Shipping
  • $25.00 + Shipping
  • $5.00 + Shipping
  • Price Depends On Problem

 We also do computer repairs. Click here...

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